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Recent Press Releases
Relaunch of

Wernigerode, 10.01.2007: HarzOptics has started into the new year with a complete relaunch of it's web site and the introduction of new, cost-free services. Under, visitors can now download a free browser toolbar for all current browser types, including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera. Additionally, the toolbar blocks spam and pop-ups, allows the direct online research via google and informs about current news and developments in optics worldwide.

With the HarzOptics Research Forum, the first photonics online forum in German language has mde its internet debut. Once logged in, optics experts can exchange thoughts and ideas, publish research results and discuss a lot of interesting questions about photonics research. Forum membership is free for all researchers, students and otherwise interested. The new services supplement the service offer at - the HarzOptics blog, the HarzOptics newsletter and the free downloads of scientific papers and artices. HarzOptics hopes, that the new services will support the free and open exchange within the optics community.

Three Harz University employees awarded for photonics research work

Magdeburg, 23.11.2006: Awarding young scientists with the IHK Research Prize is one of the highlights of the yearly plenary assembly of Magdeburg's Chamber of Commerce. The prize is awarded for highly efficient scientific research, that have a relevant impact on the regional economy. Among the winners of 2006 are three Harz University employees: Matthias Haupt, Jens-Uwe Just and Christian Reinboth have been in the photonics research business for years and are developing new systems for optical data communication at Harz University under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Ulrich Fischer-Hirchert. 

The three winners developed a computer simulation of an optical demultiplexer, that raises the level of boradband usage and therefore the transmission capacity of every POF based optical communication system. The component is currently being used in a POF-WDM lab system developed by the HarzOptics GmbH, a limited liability company based in Wernigerode and founded by Prof. Dr. Fischer-Hirchert and two of the prize winners.  

The awards were presented by Prof. Dr. Willingmann, the rector of Harz University, the director of Magdeburg's Chamber of Commers, Wofgang März, and the president of Magdeburg's Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Klaus Hiekmann Dr. Malte Kaspereit from Magdeburg University and Thomas Beller from Stendal University were also awarded.

Übergabe des IHK-Preises an die Hochschulmitarbeiter
Professor Armin Willingmann, Matthias Haupt, Christian Reinboth, Wolfgang März, Jens-Uwe Just and Dr. Klaus Hieckmann.

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